stamp collections

Today’s Collectors

How They Collect and What They Collect

Today’s philatelists are specialized in the field or country or era of their Interest. The bygone days of having a worldwide collection 20 giant stamp albums are a thing of the past. These modern day philatelist exhibit their collections and compete for who has the best of the best. I foresee more collections going digital as it easier to share, as in the below links “ Museum of Philately “ by David Feldman. The care and safe keeping of your Philatelic Treasures are relatively simple, 1st low humidity and 2nd low sun light. Having a safe in your Home is the best for the most expensive, some collectors still use safe deposit boxes. But stamps like fine wine are meant to be enjoyed.

Digital collections in the “ Museum of Philately “

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Early Stamp Collections

How collecting began and how they collected in the beginning

When the First Stamps of the World were printed in the 1840’s they immediately became sought after, one English lady ran an advertisement in a London newspaper in 1840 to buy all of the penny blacks she could as she wanted to decorate her bathroom with the first stamp in the world. From England in 1840 America became one of the next nations to issue stamps in 1847, then France in 1849 and the list goes on. The first stamp albums were small as the world was much smaller at that time, and there was no way to place the stamps into the album except by gluing them in place and collecting them by trade or correspondence from around the world. By the 1860’s Collectors were trading among each other on every continent and there were several full time Stamp Dealers who devoted all their energy to rare stamps.  Stanley Gibbons of London 1856, Arthur Maury of Paris and interestingly and complementary they are both still in the business of selling stamps 160 years later.