Historical portraits

Historical Portraits

Artworks that designers used

Stamps can also be considered the ultimate of Graphic Design of their era initiated by their respective governments, beautifully engraved in equally amazing colors. The Proofs that were created prior to printing are among the finest printings known to mankind. Many stamps depict the world’s most famous artist and their artworks. The Goya painting of La Maja depicted on Spanish stamps, located at bottom, were among my 1st favorites, she was in a suggestive pose. Painted circa 1800 she is on display in the Prado Museum in Madrid. The designers and engravers of stamps were the greatest graphic artists of their era. 

Ceres’ moves to South America she was Argentina’s First Stamp printed and sold in the state of Corrientes, just as she was the very 1st Stamp issued in France.A young Frenchman named Matias Pipet who had been a apprentice engraver in Europe and a new arrival from France was asked to print a series of stamps and of course he was familiar with France issue of Ceres, so he under took an attempt to copy it in the new world. It is crudely engraved and was printed one sheet at a time on a tiny printing press and his depiction of Ceres, a One Real blue went on sale in 1856, the same year the One Cent British Guiana was produced just up the coast from Argentina. Perhaps Pipet was a collector, we will never know but he certainly was intrigued by the beauty of Ceres on France’s First Stamp enough so that she became Argentina’s first stamp as well.

The 1892 Columbian Exposition

These stamps are truly remarkable artworks accomplished by Americas greatest artists of the 19th century. From a 1¢ blue to a $5 black stamp issued in sheets of 200 and sold to collectors at that time in 1892 in panes of 100 , who could afford to buy a sheet of the $5 high value. I owned the Emanuel Luetez painting of Columbus Returns to Spain in Chains that I had bought from the family who had loaned it to the US State Department, it is this very painting that the $2 Columbian was made from. The Columbus Exposition issue of stamps in 1892 – 400 years after Christopher Columbus discovered America used many different important historical paintings as a basis to design the center piece of their beautifully engraved stamps.

Emanuel Leutze 1842 Painting of Columbus being returned to Spain in Chains for failing to find a direct route to Asia, instead he found America.

George Washington famous Athenaeum Portrait by Gilbert Stuart from my collection used as the model to design US first issue the Ten Cent.  

Goya’s famous painting of La Maja in 1800 used as the model to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death in 1930.

The 80c bright carmine definitive issue of Napoleon III.

The original steel die made by Barre for Napoleon III issues.

 The famous 5 Fr grey high value depicting Napoleon III.