Great Collectors

About the Collectors

Stamp Collecting and Philately have always been the Hobby of the Intellectuals of the World from Europe to Asia, from Political Leaders, and the great Industrialist, to the greatest Financial Leaders in World. Some of the most popular and famous collectors have been US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, The King of England George V, and the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Prince Rainier of Monaco, King Farouk of Egypt. William ‘Bill’ Gross the founder of PIMCO Investment Group, who is one of the greatest financial minds in American History, along with his equally savvy stock market friend Warren Buffet all collected stamps. John Lennon of the ‘Beatles’ collected stamps along the way his collection is now on display at the Smithsonian.  The list of famous collectors is never ending, you can join their ranks by forming your own remarkable collection.  

Prince Rainier

He believed that stamps were of national significance to his country and established a museum in Monaco to display his collection. Prince Rainier also established the Club of Monte-Carlo for the Philatelic Elite to meet once a year in Monaco and share their collections from around the world.

Marc Hass

Investment Banker from New York City, at one time he sold his collection to Stanley Gibbons of London for $11 million dollars then he bought most of it back. He collected stamps and western postal history, his collection was eventually sold at auction for millions.

King Farouk

The King of Egypt was also an avid stamp collector and created the Egyptian Royal Stamp Collection with the assistance of Albert Eid the first dealer in stamps of Arabia. Although King Farouk abdicated and went into exile during a military coup in 1952, when most of his collection was confiscated and soon sold. He lived in Italy the rest of his life and continued his collecting interests.

Philipp von Ferrary

European heir to a Ferrari family fortune, he devoted his life to collecting, and is the only philatelist to ever build a complete worldwide collection. He owned both the One Cent British Guiana and the Tre skilling Yellow of Sweden.

King George V

The beginning of the British Royal Philatelic collection, encouraged by his uncle the Duke of Edinburgh, King George V built one of the most famous collections in the world, maintained today by Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Philatelic collection is occasionally on display in London.

Weill Brothers

Raymond and Roger Weill from New Orleans were among the greats of all time, starting in the corner of a Bank Building to becoming one of the giants in philately. They traded a ‘Jenny’ invert for an Oil Well in Texas and those proceeds became the basis of their business