Philatelic rarities

Many of the world’s Greatest Stamp Collections are now coming onto the market and will continue to do so over the next decade.

Today's Collectors

Today’s philatelists are specialized in the field or country or era of their Interest.

Great Collectors

Stamp Collecting and Philately have always been the Hobby of the Intellectuals of the World from Europe to Asia, from Political Leaders, and the great Industrialist, to the greatest Financial Leaders in World.

The Rarest Stamps

Many of the world’s Greatest Stamp Collections are now coming onto the market and will continue to do so over the next decade. An Opportunity for Today’s collectors to own the Best and the Rarest in existence. As the older generation times out, the market will be flush with the Greatest Philatelic- Rarities as never seen before. This Unique buying opportunity has never occurred before in the past 180 years of collecting and this will be something the philatelist of the past could only dream about. The Greatest Rarities are about to hit the market!

Upcoming Events

London 2022

London 2022 the Greatest International Stamp Show that only happens every 20 years in London the city where philately began in 1840 at this very same time 180 years ago. Held at the Business Design Center in Islington, London from Saturday May 2 through Saturday May 9th. Be sure to attend this show it will be an exciting event and an opportunity unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Your family will enjoy the city. The Greatest Collections in the World will be on display and collectors from around the world will all be there, the friendships you make here will last a life-time.


As a lifelong philatelist I have owned some of the best Philatelic-Rarities, including the 1 Fr Tete-beche illustrated here and I have also made some Great Discoveries along the way. I offer knowledge and insights for you to be the next owner of these Great Rarities as they come on to the market over the next decade. The next generation of the savviest collectors will have the opportunity to truly own the very best by my ability to recognize The Real Rarities as they come on the market for you to own the Best in the World.

America’s First Stamp in 1847

Issued in 1847 the Ten Cent George Washington is from the most famous painting in American History by Gilbert Stuart, now known as the ‘Athenaeum” or the Dollar Bill Portrait. The Five Cent of Benjamin Franklin portrait was painted in Paris in 1779 when he was in Paris drumming up support for the American Independence and is now in the State Department in Washington.

New Discoveries

In Jerusalem in 1918 a committee met of British, Jewish and Muslim leaders to agree upon the Overprint the British Mandate stamps with a more specific Palestine….

Most Famous Stamp

The 1856 One Cent British Guiana discovered by an English schoolboy in the remote British Colony of Guiana in South America in 1856 and traded to another collector…


During WWII both Britain and America issued espionage forgeries to deceive the Nazi Governments both in Germany and their Occupied territories. Both for..

Why Collect

To attain 1st hand knowledge and appreciation of other cultures, like our 4 term President Frank D. Roosevelt did…

Pleasure of Ownership

The next generation will and are taking over from their Baby Boomer parents and grand-parents,  their interests of things inside…

Future of Collecting

While the global market remains strong,  today’s next generation appreciates having Art & Culture at their fingertips not only…

The President of the United States of America Franklin Roosevelt enjoying his collection in the White House and relaxing during the height of World War II. By enjoying his collection in the evening, he could free himself from the stress of war. FDR was an avid collector and he also designed a few of his own stamps !